Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Friday!

It is finally Friday! Lots to do this weekend. I actually am getting a little head start because I stayed home sick today. Tired of being sick so hoping a little rest (okay sleeping in until noon may qualify for more than a little rest), my ever so talented nurse Lizzie (see above) and some good drugs from my doctor will help get me back to healthy!

Got my shipment of flower bulbs, SO EXCITED!! I need to pull out some of the bulbs that are not winter hardy and redo the flower bed. Should be a lot of fun! I also hope to roast some tomatoes, garlic and peppers so I can freeze them for winter. I also may end up canning some tomatoes depending on how many I can get my hands on! Still looking for something to make with my fennel bulb, any ideas? Also ordered some fabric to make Lizzie a new bed. Lots of fun projects to get started on!

Now off to work on my last projects for my swap partner! Hoping to finish them up this weekend!