Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekly Blog

  1. Pumpkin Patch
  2. Owl Poop (seriously how do they keep the Owl Post clean)
  3. Tea Leaves
  5. Quaffle Quidditch
  6. Deathly Hallow
  7. Mad Eye
  8. Dragon's Tail
  9. Crystal Ball
  10. Whomping Willow Trees
  11. Hermione's Library (would that not be a sight!)
  12. Hogwarts grounds
  13. Burrow great house and garden
  14. Dobby socks
  15. Horcrux evil
  16. Ministry of magic
  17. Magic jokes
  18. Sirius Black
  19. Apple Crisp
  20. Poly and pumpkin Juice
  21. Candle hanging from the ceiling
  22. Ghost discrimination (poor nearly headless Nick)
  23. Snake Parseltongue
  24. Magic Wand
  25. Invisibility Cloak
  26. Tent in Purse
  27. Spell Book
  28. Umbridge Pepto Bismol
  29. Dursely Cupboard Under the Stairs
  30. The Daily Prophet

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Part of the kit I am putting together! Can you tell what it is??

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Check out the flower bulbs I just ordered for one of my gardens!! So excited to see how they turn out next spring!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 1 Homework Complete

WOW! I am exhausted! I have been running all over trying to meet as many HSKSers as possible! We have some amazing people here! Have you seen some of the great patterns our classmates have created? Check out the color combos of their projects too! Thanks for all of you who posted information, it was great to get to know you!!

Quiz 1

  1. Someone with the same craft as you (either those listed above or another one). I knit, weave, sew, dye, spin, and do beadwork. I have ADD when it comes to crafts, I like them all! Acromantula
  2. Someone who was born in the same month as you. September Morgianna Defeufaucon
  3. Someone from a different country. I live in the USA! Emma Wigworthy
  4. A new HSKS Family member. Not my first HSKS Rodeo! Vevina McFey
  5. Someone who has been in 3 or more HSKS swaps. Winifred Hornswaggle
  6. Someone who has a bigger stash than you! (And if your stash is the biggest, proudly say so! Not all of my yarn is up there, but I diffently have less than Fleur Sweeting.
  7. Someone who both knits and crochets. Emma Diggory
  8. Someone who has the same favorite color as you. Purple! Poppy Pluot
  9. Someone who has the same favorite season/holiday as you. Fall! Siobhan Mooney
  10. Someone who has the same favorite fiber as you. Soft and Squishy! Ambyr Phoenixfyre
season, holiday, fiber, pattern, designer

Favorite seasons - Fall
Favorite holiday - Halloween and Christmas
Fiber - Anything soft
Designer - Whimsy designers

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This is a re-post of answers from a previous quiz.
1. What are your three most favorite colors?
Jewel colors especially purple, blues, dark emerald green and deep cranberry!

2. What are you three least favorite colors?
Orange, yellow, pastels.

3. Your favorite candy is _________________.
Seriously, I have to pick one... Let's see chocolate or gummy?? I know, chocolate in the winter and gummy (Swedish fish, peach rings, etc.) in the summer (based on the fact that chocolate melts in the mail during the summer here in AZ).

4. Draco, Lucius, or Snape?
Lucius, he needs me! I have a weak spot for knottie boys!

5. Do you knit, crochet, or both?
Knit mostly but I have tried crochet.

6. What type of kit did you ask for?
Fingerless gloves because I would really like a set and I have never tried them before.

7. Acrylic—has its uses, should all be burned, best yarn to work with (choose one)?
Has its uses.

8. Who is the Slytherin Head Girl this term?
Lav A, oh I mean Quinn.

9. Name “extras” you would love to receive in your kit.
Row Counter
Anything that is funky and/or whimsy
Plant Seeds
Anything for my dogter (she is 55 pounds, four legged, with a tail)
Fun stuff to write and/or draw with
Something unique to my partner's region

10. What are your three most favorite scents?
Lily of the Valley

11. Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks?

12. Which Slytherin is the Keeper of the Crucio List?
Cassandra Puddlemere

13. Do you really need more stitch markers?
I love knitting bling, bling... I do not NEED them but I really LIKE them!

14. Dpns, circular, or straight?

15. What yarn makes you squee?
Pretty and soft, my favorite colors are deep jewel tones.

16. Favorite HP Movie?
Goblet of Fire is my favorite book, thus my favorite movie. Especially the Tri-Wizard Tournament with the French and Russians. I am such a dork, I own all of the movies and books in English and in French!

17. Favorite HP character?
Luna Lovegood because she is so eccentric and thinks outside the box. You must admit that life would never be dull with her around!

18. Who was your first choice for DADA professor?
Clive Owen, Gerald Butler or Max Martini! Why have just one!

19. What is the Slytherin Common Room called?
The Snake Pit

20. What makes you worthy of being in Slytherin House?
Need I remind you that I was the master-mind behind the Mishcheif-that-shall-not-be-mentioned!

Horcrux explanations!

Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring:
This year, I moved back to Minnesota from Arizona. I am a little low on wonderfully hand knitted/crocheted cold weather gear. Thus, I choose this horcrux in hopes that a cowl, hat, wristlets, fingerless gloves/mittens would magically appear in my kit!

Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem:
As with the above group, I choose this to increase my cold weather gear! Thus, I would be delighted to find a hat or scarf in my kit!

As you may have noticed, I am a bit obsessed with my dog! So anything that looks like my four legged dogter, oh I mean my Animugus, would be amazing!

Hope that helps!

Hello fellow HSKSers! So excited to be back!

Let’s see, I was born Lavender Diggory and was originally sorted into the Ravenclaw house. After one of my more mischievous plots to cure boredom, I was introduced to Sirius Dolohov from the Slytherin house. Sirius and I started dating, much to the dismay of my parents. Can you believe they think he placed a spell on me? Just because a boy gives you a ring does not mean it always has to be cursed! Well, we ended up getting married that year. Because my parents refused to acknowledge our marriage (they still believe in this curse thing), the one and only luscious Lucious Malfoy gave me away! And yes, he is even better looking in person! The next term I was moved into the Slytherin house and my name is now Lavender Diggory-Dolohov! But our honeymoon did not last!

About half way into the term, Sirius disappeared! I have not seen him since. His house elf, Pukema, returned to school after his disappearance. He made me do all sorts of things and in return he gave me clues regarding the disappearance. But Pukema also ended up mysterious leaving in the middle of the night. Thankfully my Animagus is a german shorthaired pointer named Lizzie. I have been able to follow his trail which has lead me to some strange places. I took jobs at Azkaban and St. Mungo’s because his trail led me there. Last month, his trail led me back to Hogwarts. Not sure what clues I will uncover while here!