Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Update

I just love Luna's glasses! I so wish I could find a Luna-like friend out here. You just know she would be a hoot to hang out with!

In case you have ever wondered if wood actually contracts and expands, I found out first hand it does!! I took a weaving class a few weeks ago. I brought my loom from Minnesota to Arizona, and it no longer fits!! The good news is that I found a second heddle kit that I can install and appears that it will work even better than the old set-up! For right now, I tied some wood blocks to the inside.

Well, I picked up the cutest fabric this week, so I am off to make a pair of pajama bottoms. I may use the extra to make a bag or two!! Cross your fingers for me!


Bevin Rae Mooney said...

PJ bottoms are the best... one can never have too many of those! :-)

Lavender Diggory said...

I cannot wait to finish them! I have trouble finding PJ's that are long enough, so I am double pumped!! No worries of shrinking into shorts!

Ursula Longbottom said...

PJ Bottoms sound comfy! Happy Sewing :)