Thursday, March 26, 2009


I just received THE MOST AMAZING RAoK ever!! Thank you Clara Clavenhoof! The box was so big and contained so many gifts, I seriously thought it was my swap package. I did not relize it was a RAoK until I found the note on the bottom of the package. Not only did I have wonderful things sent to me, but she also included gifts for my dogter!! So here is my loot:Clara is quite the stalker! She knew exactly what to get me. Look at the seeds she gave me (how did you know that tomatoes and white bunching onions are my FAVORITE veggies?) And no worries about zones, they will grow wonderfully down here!Here is the owl she made for me!! No you can not have him, he is all mine and will soon be joining the Owlery (after he gets a little rest).
Did I mention this was a HUGE RAoK??  It is so big that I had to split the goods into two seperate posts.  Keep reading and drooling below!