Friday, May 1, 2009

Check out the loot!!

And there is still more!!!  I got the Transition Gloves pattern I have been oogling for the longest time.  She also sent me a hand repair kit (she must have seen a pic of my hands, the desert climate is not kind to the skin).

Here is Lavender Oil washing liquid (how fitting for me) and a plant that you grow in a ceramic egg!  I have never seen this before and cannot wait to try it out!
Here are the nummies and Harry Potter merchandise (cannot wait to hand out the Bert's Beans to unsuspecting prey!)
She also included goodies for Lizzie!!  Here she is inspecting the treats.  She, like Ursula's Dog, love them!!  I wonder where she got them??
Here is a close-up of the treats, and if you have a dogter or four legged son, I, I mean we, highly suggest them!  Also in this pic is tea that is supposed to calm and aid in sleeping.