Friday, May 1, 2009



Oh my gosh!!  Looks what just came in from the Owlery!!!  I am absolutely and positively a spoiled rotten witch!!!  There was so much in the box, I had to post pics in three blogs!

Here is a picture of the entire kit!!  Can you believe she fit it into one box??
Check out this yarn!!  The multi-colored yarn is colorway Severus Snape.  Not only is it gorgeous it is absolutely soft and scrumtios to the fingers!   Ursula also sent me 2 additional skeins, check out the next post to see the fingerless gloves I will knit with them!


Anonymous said...


I'm so glad that you liked everything. After checking the delivery confirmation ... I was pretty nervous to hear what you thought of things. It was a lot of fun putting it together for you, and I can't wait to see how the Transition gloves turn out (and how that Severus Snape knits up). I'll be stalking your projects pages lol

Quinn said...

I LOVE the bags Ursula made for you, and the yarn is a close runner up. GREAT colors!

::waves:: hi Liz! Hope you are enjoying the treats!

Lavender Diggory said...

I know, I absolutely LOVE the bags!!

:Liz sends smoochies your way!: