Saturday, September 11, 2010


This is a re-post of answers from a previous quiz.
1. What are your three most favorite colors?
Jewel colors especially purple, blues, dark emerald green and deep cranberry!

2. What are you three least favorite colors?
Orange, yellow, pastels.

3. Your favorite candy is _________________.
Seriously, I have to pick one... Let's see chocolate or gummy?? I know, chocolate in the winter and gummy (Swedish fish, peach rings, etc.) in the summer (based on the fact that chocolate melts in the mail during the summer here in AZ).

4. Draco, Lucius, or Snape?
Lucius, he needs me! I have a weak spot for knottie boys!

5. Do you knit, crochet, or both?
Knit mostly but I have tried crochet.

6. What type of kit did you ask for?
Fingerless gloves because I would really like a set and I have never tried them before.

7. Acrylic—has its uses, should all be burned, best yarn to work with (choose one)?
Has its uses.

8. Who is the Slytherin Head Girl this term?
Lav A, oh I mean Quinn.

9. Name “extras” you would love to receive in your kit.
Row Counter
Anything that is funky and/or whimsy
Plant Seeds
Anything for my dogter (she is 55 pounds, four legged, with a tail)
Fun stuff to write and/or draw with
Something unique to my partner's region

10. What are your three most favorite scents?
Lily of the Valley

11. Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks?

12. Which Slytherin is the Keeper of the Crucio List?
Cassandra Puddlemere

13. Do you really need more stitch markers?
I love knitting bling, bling... I do not NEED them but I really LIKE them!

14. Dpns, circular, or straight?

15. What yarn makes you squee?
Pretty and soft, my favorite colors are deep jewel tones.

16. Favorite HP Movie?
Goblet of Fire is my favorite book, thus my favorite movie. Especially the Tri-Wizard Tournament with the French and Russians. I am such a dork, I own all of the movies and books in English and in French!

17. Favorite HP character?
Luna Lovegood because she is so eccentric and thinks outside the box. You must admit that life would never be dull with her around!

18. Who was your first choice for DADA professor?
Clive Owen, Gerald Butler or Max Martini! Why have just one!

19. What is the Slytherin Common Room called?
The Snake Pit

20. What makes you worthy of being in Slytherin House?
Need I remind you that I was the master-mind behind the Mishcheif-that-shall-not-be-mentioned!